01 July, 2015

Cycle 585 Miles Through Wisconsin With The 2014 STIHL Tour Des Trees

West Coast Arborists, Inc.


NOW HIRING- All levels of tree trimming experience.

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Newport Beach is a 106-year old community with an inventory of 36,000 well-loved street trees and it has been named a ‘Tree City' for decades,” said Newport Beach City Manager Dave Kiff.

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“The trees along Irvine Avenue may have been planted as a wind break long before Irvine Avenue became the six-lane thoroughfare we know it as today.


Many in our community would say that the Irvine Avenue Eucalyptus row helps define the visual identity of the west bay neighborhoods.


We understand that sentiment, but if we find that other trees may be at risk of falling, public safety will prevail and those trees will be removed.


” Whatever tree is selected, the city expects to buy them yearsahead of time, Osgood said.


That allows the city to plant a biggertree that's pruned for the streetscape.

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This service is temporarily unavailable Professional Service Industries, Inc.


In an effort to reduce the number of palms that are cut down and sent to landfills, WCA has successfully removed and relocated these palm to our Palm Rehabilitation Center in Brea, CA.

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This nursery has acted as our current rescue facility.

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Palm trees are rehabilitated here and nursed back to health where they are then made available at our Palm Nursery in Irvine, CA.

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Washington Department of Natural Resources, “Grow for the Gold.


” David J.

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Nowak, USDA Forest Service, 2002.


“The Effects of Urban Trees on Air Quality.



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30 June, 2015

SEO For Carpet Cleaners

You have nothing to lose but a dirty looking carpet.


Restore that old, dingy carpet and make it look like it was just installed new.


Your friends and family will think you've just installed new carpeting.

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So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Call us at (915) 351-0196 and receive your 10% discount today! Your home and furnishings are regarded with utmost care the moment AMS steps inside.

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AMS leaves your home in the same condition we found it.

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We protect your carpet by placing square foam blocks under the furniture preventing absorption into the wet carpet.


AMS doesn't hang drywall, so we install corner protectors on the walls protecting your home from accidental collisions with the carpet cleaning machine.


Your home is further protected by the cotton booties AMS wears preventing additional soiling of your carpet.


Watertown VCT Cleaning Now Available With this you get a CD that was presented to my company (from my buddy Doyle Bloss) that you can pop into your computer to figure out exactly what it really costs you to do business.

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It also helps you figure out exactly what you must charge in order to reach your personal and business goals.

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If you had to try and develop a tool like this all by yourself, it would take you hours and hours (probably even days), but I'm handing it to you on a silver platter, ready-to-go.

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People don't consider the bacteria and different type of mildew pores that can accumulate in your carpet and can make you sick.


I had a client who had hired company “so-and-so” which did a horrible job.

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She fired them and then she called me, inquiring about the carpet cleaning process and what's entailed.

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We spent about an hour on the phone.


I went to her home completed the job and she's was beyond happy at the results.


Carpet cleaning company Zerorez will lease a little less than one-fourth of the 230,000-square-foot former Nestle building in St.

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Louis Park.

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Keeping it “all in the family” Joel has passed on his expertise to his Brother, Nick so that The Greater Sacramento Area can benefit from this unique carpet cleaning service.


Specialty Rug Cleaning.


28 June, 2015

About Us

Brasure's Carpet Care, Inc.


is the area's Premier Oriental rug cleaning Plant, on-location carpet, upholstery, tile & grout cleaning company.

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Green Valley Carpet Cleaning Tucson Carpet Cleaners Oro Valley Carpet Cleaning Green Valley Cleaners EcoTech Carpet Clean is proud to service all of Lancaster County.

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We are an eco-friendly green cleaning company.


We are happy to schedule your carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning today.


Whether it's your first time or a family friendly repeat, we have the knowledge and the hard work ethic to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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Watch for us in your neighborhood today.


Our better yet, contact us for an in home carpet cleaning estimate in Lancaster.

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Think about it, your client sees you pull up and do your job but they aren't thinking about all the different steps, chemistry, and work that is going into cleaning their carpets.


Most people don't even realize the different certifications involved in learning to clean carpets properly or the value of the methods and tools you use.

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But even quality shoppers will often start their conversation with “How much do you charge?” when they call you.


That is simply because they don't know what else to ask.

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Until your marketing educates people and shows them that there is so much more to cleaning carpets than low prices, then what else are they ever going to ask? The opportunities for farming areas specific to your business needs are endless.

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Rockwood ME sewer drain cleaning

6 Expansion Plan The more you tell the more you sell.


" What if you were sent into a room to "sell" your carpet cleaning services to a group of interested people but you could only do it in 10 words or less? You wouldn't close many sales would you? To create an effective sales process and close your sales you need to be able to talk.

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So "talk" to people through your sales letters, postcards, ads, website, etc.

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Every time you create an ad approach it with the thought process of, "What would you have your own personal salesperson say to your customers to get them to call you over the other 100+, price competitive carpet cleaners in your area?" So the real strategy is how to CREATE & BUILD value so your prices are never an issue again! Evening & Weekends Available To start in this business, contact your state licensing division for the licenses and certifications needed to become a real estate appraiser.


Credentials through training and experience are very important in this business.


To help you get some idea of what licenses and training to get, study the ads for appraisers in the local telephone book and real estate sections of newspapers.

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The association where they belong to is usually listed.

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You also need to create some samples of your work to show to prospective clients of your business, to help establish that your estimates are not wild guesses.

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Joining national associations can also give you some referrals.

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28 June, 2015

Steam Green

Go-Green Carpet Clean is a green environmentally safe, organic carpet cleaningcleaning company serving Newport Beach, Orange County and surroundingareas.


The Standard of Excellence for Quality Cleaning and Restoration Services for over 22 years! Our green clean products offer a clean that is entirely Eco-friendly and clean for you and the environment, so you won't have to worry about chemical residue or harsh chemicals touching your family's skin while on your carpets.

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Our Super Green system is the heart of all of our cleaning.

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Our San Antonio Carpet cleaning experts use our green clean products while cleaning deep into your carpets, upholstery and tile without the harsh chemicals others use.


There are green cleaning solutions available for do-it-yourself home use that can be used in carpet cleaning machines and for spot application.

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Brand names include Seventh Generation Carpet Cleaner, SimpleGreen, Bi-Kleen, Capture, AFM SafeChoice and NatureClean.

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These products are available at whole food and natural health stores or ordered online.


Get Great Carpet Cleaning Tips and Special Offers! Looking to remove a stain? Check our tips here! You can also 'like' (FB) or sign up for our email newsletter (at right) and receive free carpet and fiber care tips and special coupons from PRO all year! Carpet cleaning after a bad spill luckily this one came out! Company owner Bruce Gors assures the best carpet cleaning service you've ever experienced! Many consumers worry about the impact their carpet cleaning technicians are creating on the environment, but IICRC trained professionals are able to keep this impact to a minimum Improper disposal techniques can contaminate groundwater if not disposed of correctly.


Some of these chemicals can also cause health complications, like nausea, dizziness or fatigue, if they are not used correctly during the job.

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This is particularly troublesome for children who spend a lot time playing on the floor.

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Many professionals who use green carpet cleaning techniques have received certification through the IICRC and can avoid using these chemicals in an unsafe way.

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Green Team Carpet Cleaning focuses on the needs of our clients.


We have been cleaning carpet and upholstery in Chicago since 1993.

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We realize that sometimes it can be stressful to call on a contractor.


Here at Green Team Carpet Cleaning we strive to eliminate stress and worry.

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We promise to listen, arrive on time, on-site walk through when job is complete.

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We promise to explain the process and offer our expert advice bringing your carpet & upholstery back to life.

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Our carpet and upholstery drying time is very minimal.

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Carpet companies tend to use excessive amounts of water when cleaning.

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27 June, 2015

Top 10 Home Businesses With Rapid Break

Opening a carpet cleaning business is a great way to earn money as your own boss.


This is a relatively simple business to start, with low overhead, and little experience required.


Start up costs can be minimal, if you shop around.

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Additionally, there is a steady market for quality work.

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Also there are the retail and commercial businesses that require cleaning more frequently.


The equipment needed to clean both residential and commercial locations are not much different and most carpet cleaning services will routinely take care of both types of clients.

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The point is that the profitability of carpet cleaning has been overstated for decades.

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So if you haven't worked in the business, take any promises of huge profits with a grain of salt.

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The big money might just be in selling franchises and carpet cleaning equipment.


Consider PCN as the very BEST carpet cleaning school in the industry.

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Our members are TOP NOTCH and more than willing to help you start, and more importantly SUCCEED with your new carpet cleaning business! Carpet Audits Now you can see what I mean when I say "name, rank, and serial number" image-based advertising.

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That's how I advertised my business, when I was going broke.

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You see, I was simply following the same "formula" all the other small businesses in my area followed.

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The "formula" of image advertising, and my ads did squat to make me any real money.

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Image based" advertising, branding and building "name recognition" is for giant companies with huge advertising budgets like McDonalds, Coke and Chevy.

metal gates Burr NE

Those companies have spent BILLIONS on ad campaigns to make themselves household names.

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But what about us "little guys"? My friend, and one of the top business coaches in the world, Dan Sullivan, gives one of my favorite definitions of selling.

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Rug Deal Of The Week Because of my expertise and high-level connections, I now charge $25,000 per half day to consult with high level business professionals privately.

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(And now you get to "tap into" this wealth of my expertise today, for free.

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) Over the past 17 years I've been paid millions of dollars for my systems and strategies by business owners from all over the world, and from all industries.

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And I've helped these business owners make millions of dollars.

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(For example, Bill Phillips, former owner of EAS supplements and Muscle Media Magazine, made $3,000,000.

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00 off of just ONE of my ideas when he hired me for a day of business consulting.


) What business would you suggest I go into where I could make a lot of money and turn my situation around?" Real Estate Services.

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26 June, 2015

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Equipment Leasing

Rent a Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine ® for 24 hours from Family Fare for just $24.



garden fence in Efland NC

How to Rent Some cleaners prefer to use dry carpet cleaning.

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Follow along with Groupon's introduction to the method to learn how it gets results with less water.


Q Are the carpet steamer/cleaners that you can rent at the grocery store worth it? NHLPA meet again in your Toronto,carpet cleaning machine Carpet Cleaning can either be a part of home maintenance, or in order to get your security deposit back.

garden fence in Freeport MN

I've been building HWE porties since 1965 and am probably the most critical user on the planet.

garden fence in Stewarttown on

To supplement my own systems which are all vacuum optimized I wanted a smaller airflow optimized machine.

garden fence in Christine ND

After some research I bought a Recoil 3HP, which is very much more expensive here in England - but worth every penny.

garden fence Lee County ky

I can honestly say the this is a product that proves that a machine can be more than the sum of its' component parts.


Ed Valentine certainly knows his business !!! ) Dry foam method.

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When a carpet cleaner uses dry foam, he applies shampoo to your carpet, allows it to dry, and then sucks the dried shampoo into a vacuum.

garden fence Indian Head PA

Can you imagine applying shampoo to your hair, allowing it to dry and then removing the shampoo from your head with a vacuum? This method can leave a residue in your carpet, which is one reason dry foam is not very effective.


Some people believe that hot water damages your carpet, but this isn't true.

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By washing and then rinsing your carpet with hot water we clean your carpet completely in the same way that the person who showers and then rinses off the dirt and soap will be much cleaner than the person who takes only a sponge bath.

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Portable Steam Cleaner Carpet Dyes and Dye Aids Walk-Behind Machines One day while rummaging thru my extra freezer in the back of my house.

garden fence in West Sand Lake NY

I sat a 12 oz.


can of frozen orange juice up on the top of the freezer, forgetting about it.

Denton GA garden fence

A few days later, I heard a noise.

garden fence Park Hill OK

What I found was a partial can of thawed orange juice on top of the freezer, and the rest had run all down the front of my freezer and into my light gray carpet.

garden fence in Springfield AR

I was lucky that it didn't explode onto the ceiling area.


What a mess though! My question is - does anyone know what takes orange juice concentrate out of carpet? Many thanks to those who answer! The surface has to be prepared before using a carpet cleaner.


A cleaning solution, preferably a green chemical, must be applied onto the surface to provide more effective cleaning.

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The cleaning solution should be allowed to dwell for several minutes to begin dissolving stains and loosening the bond between dirt molecules and carpet fibers.

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Did you know that studies have found that carpet can actually help remove dust and allergens from the air? Your carpet acts like a big air filter trapping dust and dirt in it's fibers.


This means that the air you breath is cleaner, but it also means your carpet needs to be regularly clean both by regular vacuuming and by professional carpet cleaning.

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The high quality rating by The Carpet and Rug Institute.

garden fence in Gabarus ns

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